Spoken Word

Since I began this journey in June 2015 I have learned many lessons.  One of the most recent and significant lessons has to do with words.  I was struggling with doubt for a minute and I couldn’t figure out why.  I knew the Word of God in my head but I was having trouble getting it to drop down to my heart.  When it comes to the Word of God there is head knowledge and there is heart knowledge.  Head knowledge knows what the Word says and can even quote it back.  Heart knowledge believes the Word and puts it into action.  Heart knowledge is where the fruit is.  Heart knowledge is where the power is.  Head knowledge can win an argument but heart knowledge can win a soul.

I stood in the mirror one day and asked God why I was struggling so hard with doubt.  I knew all the right scriptures in my head but it wasn’t dropping down to my heart. Thinking like an engineer I knew there had to be an obstruction in the flow path between my head and my heart.  As I was talking to myself (and God) out loud I touched my head and as my hand began to travel to my heart I found the blockage…my mouth.  I was stunned.  Then I said, “But God what have I said that’s messing things up for me?”  He told me it wasn’t what I have been saying, it was what I have NOT been saying.   That revelation was so strong I literally almost fell on the floor.

I know the power of words…at least I thought I did.  I know it’s not good to speak negative words.  In this season I learned that it’s not enough to not speak negative words, you have to take the next step and speak positive reaffirming words.  For example, talking down to a child and telling him he’s stupid and will never amount to anything will cause that child some deep issues later in life and there is a good chance he will never amount to anything if those negative words are never reversed.  At the same time if a kid never hears “good job” or “I love you” or “I’m proud of you” and other reaffirming words like that he still won’t grow the way he should.  If you feed a plant poison, obviously it will die.  And if you never give it water, it won’t grow…and will eventually die.  People and dreams are the same way.  We have to speak life into them.

I’ve been paying more attention to the words that I speak as of late.  I even changed the tagline for this blog to “Journey to my destiny”, instead of “journey to my dreams.”  “Dreams” sounded kinda selfish.  “Destiny” sounds more purposeful.

About a month or two ago, I picked up a little book called God’s Creative Power…Will Work For You by Joseph Capps.  (I went to elementary school with a kid named Joseph Capps but this wasn’t him.  Totally irrelevant.  Just a fun fact.)  This little tiny book has some powerful truths in it.  It also contains confessions based on the Word of God that you can speak over your life as often as necessary; like taking medicine.  I would definitely recommend getting a copy of this book.  It only cost a few bucks and is small enough to fit into your pocket.

One statement from the book that really rocked me was something that the Lord spoke to the author.  The Lord said, “I told my people they can have what they say but they are saying what they have” [Mark 11:23].  Mind…blown.  We have it so backwards!  I know it seems like lying if you say “I am prosperous” when you really have a negative bank account, debt up to your ears, and a credit score that looks more like a basketball score.  But when you put it the context of Jesus’ words it makes more sense.  By saying “I am prosperous” you are confessing what God says about your situation.  In turn you’re making things in the supernatural line up with your words to make that thing manifest in the natural.  Of course it’s not instantaneous but unseen things are put into motion.  That motion is accelerated by your faith.  Keep speaking and watch your faith build and situations change.  When you speak negative words, that motion comes to a screeching halt so watch your mouth.  When God said “Let there be light,” up until that moment, there was no light.  The light manifested because God commanded it too.  Behold the power of words.  We can use that same creative power in our personal lives too by speaking God’s words over your situation.

Now every morning I start my day by making positive confessions and declaring who God says I am.  I say the confessions in Joseph Capps’ book, the ones listed below, and the daily declarations found in Joel Osteen’s book, I Declare.  I say my declarations loud and proud even when I don’t feel like it.  I found that by the time I finish I feel empowered and ready to take on the day.  If I don’t, I keep saying them until I do.  When my day starts to go awry I say my declarations to myself again and press forward because I am victorious.  I am successful.  I am prosperous.  I am on my way to destiny!


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