Leaving the Glass Shop

It finally happened and I can hardly believe it. I finally landed a new job which means finally leaving the cafe. When I started as a server I had it in mind that this would be temporary. The cafe would keep me occupied and provide some income until I found another job. Finding another job … Continue reading Leaving the Glass Shop


I've been wanting to write about my current stage in life because it feels intense and pivotal, but I find it difficult to express in words so this is my best effort. Honestly, my emotions are up and down daily, sometimes hourly or even from situation to situation. At times I feel extremely frustrated to … Continue reading Nightvision

Kingdom ROI

What most people don't realize is that there are 4 types of giving in the Bible (First Fruits, the tithe, offerings, and alms). Each type of giving has a different motivation, purpose, and return on investment. People don't see their giving "working" because we often mix up these types of giving.