Let’s Talk About It: Part II

This is part two of my social justice plead to the church entitled Let’s Talk About It. (If you haven’t already done so, stop now and read that one first.) I’m writing this because the lack of dialogue continues but this time I have questions.

What does MAGA really mean? At what point in American history are we trying to return to in order to be great again? Back when black and brown people stayed in their place, out of public schools, not “taking your jobs” (affirmative actions) and syphoning government assistance? Whatever you think it means, it has become a symbol of bigotry and oppression to the masses. Don’t believe me? Just google it and see if what comes up is something you want to be identified with. Face it, the MAGA hat is associated with white supremacy. It’s the new white hood and confederate flag but this time it was made in China.

Why isn’t flying the confederate flag considered treason? Quick history lesson. The south succeeded from the Union in rebellion because they didn’t want to give up their slaves. They formed their own state and created the rebel flag, better known as the confederate flag, as their symbol. The north and south fought a civil war and the south lost. The south is now part of the UNITED States of America. The south lost their attempt at souveignty. So why isn’t flying the confederate flag considered treason? Is it freedom of expression? But that right applies to the citizens in the United States of America. The same United States that the south didn’t want to be apart of because they didn’t believe all men were created equal. The irony is baffling. I’d like to take this opportunity to coin a new phrase, Selective Patriotism. Some people argue that the confederate flag is part of their heritage. What heritage is that? Rebellion? Slavery? Racism? Segregation? Jim Crow? Black servants cooking your food, catering to your every need, and wiping your children’s butts while their own families struggled to eat? Then walking home for miles everyday because they aren’t allowed to ride the bus and can’t afford a car. Yeah that doesn’t sound too great to me. If you want to preserve southern heritage eat cornbread with your greens, keep saying “y’all”, and teach your children to say “ma’am” and “sir.”

Why are social justice issues like racism, considered political? The treatment of citizens isn’t a political issue, its a moral and an ethical one. American rights say that all men are created equal. Treating people unfairly and unjustly is unethical and unAmerician by our own standards. That belief should be standard across the board and across party lines. I don’t know why this is still a thing in 2019!

I consider myself to be pro-black. Being pro-black doesn’t mean I hate white people or any other race because I don’t; far from it. I don’t believed black people are better than any other race, but we aren’t beneath any other race either. I’m actually writing this because I love white people and I’m tired of you making fools of yourselves, especially Christians on social media. However, I do hate your apathy. I hate your indifference towards what’s happening to your black and brown brothers and sisters. I’ll say it again. If we’re really one race, the human race, then why aren’t we all outraged when people are treated unfairly, regardless of the color of their skin? Why aren’t we all outraged when people of different races are judged by a different standard? Your apathy shows me that you don’t believe we’re the same and you actually do see color. I write this on the wake of the shooting in El Paso, TX. Yet again the white male shooter was apprehended alive while black men are shot dead on the mere suspicion of having a weapon. How many innocent people have to die before we agree on stricter gun laws?

C.S. Lewis brings up an interesting point in his book The Screwtape Letters. In the book the senior tempter gives his nephew some advice on how to trip up a young man in his Christianity. (Bonus note: If the enemy can’t stop you from becoming a Christian he will make you ineffective.) His advice was that it is okay for the young man to have love for others as long as it’s for people farther away from him. It’s ok for him to have love and compassion for people suffering in other countries but don’t allow him to have love for his neighbors and people in his own community. Having love for persecuted Christians on the other side of the globe but not the homeless man you pass on the way to work everyday is a work of the enemy. Let that sink in. I’m not saying we shouldn’t care about people everywhere but take care of home first. Be concerned about the injustices in your country first. Reach out and have compassion for people in your community first.

Can we please call a spade a spade? Sure, Donald Trump has done some things in favor of Christianity but he is far from being a godly man. Has the church lost its mind?! How can we praise the “good” he’s done and not condemn the blatenly racist and sexists statements he’s made while in office? That’s like picking and choosing which scriptures you want to believe. Just because God is using him doesn’t make him godly. That shows the power and goodness of God, not the man. God can literally use anybody or anything. Just ask Balaam. God spoke to him through a donkey. Literally a jackass!

I recently saw a post on Facebook that I was too outraged to even comment on. To make it worse it was being posted and shared by church folks! It was a black and white photo of children in a cotton field captioned “Poor children of all races picked cotton.” What in the ham sandwich is that supposed to mean!? Those children were picking cotton to help their families and I’m sure they were paid. Probably pennies but paid nonetheless. They were employed. They weren’t forced to work for free, whipped, ripped from their families, and raped like African slaves in America. There’s a huge difference between being a slave and being poor. And since when does pointing out one person’s unfortunate circumstances minimize or negate another’s pain? Please stop with the foolishness. Please. It’s sickening. What’s really sickening is that I have to point these atrocities out to people in the church. Followers of Christ. People who are supposed to be identifiable by their LOVE. And we wonder why our congregations are slimmer than cows in an Old Testament famine.

I write this to provide another perspective, do with it what you will. To quote Earl Nightingale, “This is America so every man has the right to be as wrong as he chooses.” Selah


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