After 6 years of working at a nuclear power plant as a mechanical engineer I walked out the door. The year was 2015, I was 29 years old, and Resigned at 29 was born. I didn’t have a job lined up and not much in savings. I just stepped out on faith. I felt like I was created for more than going to work and paying bills. I left to find out what was out there for me. It was definitely a leap of faith and hasn’t been easy by any stretch of the imagination but to this day I don’t regret leaving.  Just as I have grown as a person, Resigned at 29 has grown into a brand. Merchandise will be dropping soon. Be sure to Follow for updates.

The Right Amount of Crazy: To make a major life change like resigning from a well-paying job, you have to be a little bit crazy. The key is to have the right amount of crazy. Just crazy enough to believe you’ll make it and everything will be okay and sane enough to stay grounded. The perfect balance. Anyone who has done anything worthwhile was once considered crazy.

Faith, Adventure, and the Oxford Comma: These words summarize what Resigned at 29 is about as a brand. Faith because its my anchor in the uncertainty of life and the underlying subject of most of my posts. Adventure because I believe life is a journey that’s meant to be lived out and enjoyed. The Oxford Comma because as a writer and word nerd I have an appreciation for proper grammar and I feel that it should be acknowledged in a world of slang and text talk.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi, C,

    I have a few resources you might find interesting.

    Actually…..I think there are MANY millennials that have surveyed the current system….and have become concerned (overwhelmed/perplexed/fed up) about their future in the status quo.

    Few have the conviction to follow your road. Mainly because they have accumulated obligations…..

    In short….we have ALL been lied to….by TPTB. Their mission is to keep “us” in the system…keep your heads down…do as you are told…yada yada.

    The truth is: the system is “set up” for a train wreck.

    It boils down to our desire for more. Inherent in that desire…is the concurrent propensity to “gainsay” our competitors.

    In short….our “money” has been intentionally mis-represented to us…..and we are experiencing what is known as “nominal confusion”.

    Too much to talk about.

    It is a BIG topic to get your hands/head around. It is global. It is cyclical. And this time around…it will be the entire world that will participate at the same time in a “come to Jesus” type of meeting.



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