Leaving the Glass Shop

It finally happened and I can hardly believe it. I finally landed a new job which means finally leaving the cafe. When I started as a server I had it in mind that this would be temporary. The cafe would keep me occupied and provide some income until I found another job. Finding another job … Continue reading Leaving the Glass Shop

Coloring Lessons

Resigned at 29 is officially 30! For my birthday, my sister bought me one of those adult coloring books. I'm normally not into the latest trend so when I initially heard about adult coloring books I wasn't interested. (And when you tack the word "adult" onto anything it automatically sounds scandalous in my head. Therefore, … Continue reading Coloring Lessons

Ps and Qs

I work in my church's cafe three days a week now.  Technically it's a volunteer position but it's definitely work none the less.  I get to keep my tips but it's nowhere near the income I'm accustomed to.  It's okay though because one dollar is better than no dollar.  It's also different work than I'm … Continue reading Ps and Qs