Buying In vs. Selling Out

 I did something this week that I hadn’t planned on doing for a while.  I applied for an engineering job (insert dramatic music).  I’m at the point in my journey where I need to be making some money.  My brother may be moving in with me and one of us needs to bring home some bacon!  I had a conversation with my uncle’s friend (and fellow engineer) and he suggested doing engineering part time or temporarily to fund what I really want to do.  That actually made a lot of sense.  Why didn’t I think of that?  I was just so set on not going back to engineering full time that I hadn’t even considered part time or temporary jobs.  The more I thought about it, the more it made sense.  I was looking for work at restaurants because that’s the field I wanted to get into but I would be starting at the bottom of the totem pole and so would my pay check.  I applied at a few restaurants in the area but didn’t get any response from any of them.  I know I would have a better shot if I went to culinary school but that cost money.  Money that I currently don’t have nor am I willing to borrow.  Before I left my job I considered taking night classes at the local culinary school but with the long unpredictable hours and 45 minute commute it was just too much.  With a part time job it actually is possible.  In addition to restaurants I was looking into jobs other places just to have some income.  I am currently volunteering at my church’s cafe but that’s just until I find something more fitting.  As my pastor says, “one dollar is better than no dollar.”

Engineering may not be the career I want to retire from but I have this degree and a skill set, so why not use it?  People older and wiser than me have been telling me this for months but I wasn’t trying to hear it.  I felt like going back to engineering would be going back to Egypt and admitting defeat.  I realize now that that’s not necessarily true.  I could use my engineering skills to fund what I really want to do.  It’ll be like a bridge to get to the Promised Land.  Even Jesus worked as a carpenter until it was time for Him to fully step into His ministry.

So I started applying for jobs as a technical writer.  It seems like the perfect position for me.  I have a technical background and I write.  I actually enjoy writing.  I do it even when I’m not being paid (exhibit A).  Truth be told, I got better grades in English than in math anyway.  (There goes that engineering stereotype.)  I did a lot of writing, reviewing, and editing for my previous position so I do have technical writing experience.  The more I think about it the better it sounds.  Working part time as a technical writer will give me the money I need to live yet the freedom to take classes and/or go on auditions. Using my skills at a part time or temporary engineering job isn’t selling out to my dreams, its buying into and capitalizing on my skills.


3 thoughts on “Buying In vs. Selling Out

  1. I think that is a great step Sadie! I know how you feeling being that we resigned at the same time. You are right. The Egypt the Promise Land the defeat but I think you are right on the money and God has show us both how he can use what skills we have to fund our dreams cause the mullah is tight and something has to give. Thanks for the post. I needed to see this.


  2. God gives us all skills for a reason. Though He may ask us to take a step back from those skills and/or to make them less of a priority in our lives, it does not mean we scrap them completely. He will let you know the boundaries that He wants you to use your skills in. Go ahead girl!!! Your latter will be greater. Keep growing up in Him!!!


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