Don’t Fill Up on Bread

I love going out to eat, especially with friends. What I don’t love is that time period between ordering and receiving my meal. During this time most of us keep our stomachs and mouths occupied by munching on bread. If you aren’t careful, you won’t have enough room left for your entree. Of course, you can get a to-go box but the leftovers are never as good as a fresh meal. And if you’re like me there’s a 50/50 chance that that box will get left on the table anyway. This time on earth is the metaphorical equivalent to a restaurant outing. We’re munching on the pleasures of this life while we wait to experience the good stuff that is eternal life in heaven.

The key to not filling up on bread is self-control and reminding yourself of the delicious meal to come. The best part about this spiritual meal ahead is that it’s already paid for whether you decide to partake and enjoy it or not. Jesus has already paid the ultimate price but you have to accept His invitation to come and dine.

Some of us are living this life here on earth filling up on bread. Of course, the bread is tasty but it’s nothing compared to what’s to come. I’ve been guilty of using the phrase YOLO knowing that this couldn’t be further from the truth. There is another life to live if you exercise self-control and don’t fill up on the bread of this life. For those who hold out, there is a great feast to come. The marriage feast reserved for the Bride of Christ.

The many different entrees, cuisines, dishes, courses in the world is a representation of the many different paths and callings in life that we experience here on earth. Tastebuds are your gifts, talents, and abilities. Trying to order off someone else’s menu will have you upset and unsatisfied. As for me, I’m living that bento box life; dabbling in a little bit of everything.

When it comes to the metaphorical meal of life, some of us Christians are displaying some terrible table manners. Talking loud in judgment, chewing on untruths with your mouth open, condemning your neighbor for not having his napkin in his lap while you have sauce smeared on your face because you clearly don’t know how to use yours, and we all know your pious self just stopped drinking out of the finger bowl yesterday. The Bible says it’s better to have vegetables with someone you love than meat with someone you hate. Maybe that’s why vegetarian and veganism are on the rise and church attendance is on the low. We must do better brothers and sisters.

I wrote this piece because I’m going through a personal battle where I’m navigating through God’s will and selfish ambition. Of course, I have dreams, goals, and aspirations for this life but I can’t get discouraged if I don’t see them happening now. There is another life to live and what I do with my life on earth matters. Don’t fill up on bread.

When I feel myself becoming envious of others carelessly filling up on bread and spreading on lavish amounts of butter while I’m feeling the hunger pangs of this life I remember the wise words of Lauryn Hill directing me to the 73rd Psalm. If all you want in life is bread, all you’ll get is bread. But to he who endures till the end, the Feast of the Bridegroom awaits you and the reward of eternal life.


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