A Lesson in Trust: The Free-fall of Faith

I googled the word “trust” in search of a pic to use for my trust series.  The majority of the images were of people doing trust falls.  Some of the outcomes looked promising, others, not so much.  I guess it’s safe to say that trust is associated with falling.  I have pretty quick reflexes so 90-95% of the time I can catch a falling object before it hits the surface below.  (My reflexes balance my tendency to knock things over.)  As I was catching the lid to my contact case one morning I had a revelation.  The actual fall in itself does no harm to the object.  It’s the landing surface that’s the issue.  Whether I catch it one inch from its original position or one inch from the floor, the caught object is still in perfect condition.  Falling is scary because we anticipate the crash from the ground below.

When I see an object falling I found that the best way to catch it is to position my hand in its path.  I also found it to be more effective to catch a falling object versus trying to stop it from falling in the first place.  It’s easier to catch things in the open air where there’s plenty of room for my hand to function.  If I try to stop it from falling or grab at it there’s a good chance that I’ll disturb another object and cause a bigger mess.

The act of catching just gives the falling object a safer landing service.  That’s what God does for us.  Often times we don’t see His hand because it’s positioned further ahead in our path just waiting for us to land in it.  As my pastor says, if you want God to catch you, you have to fall or jump or something.  The objects that are most likely to fall are the ones that are being used.  An object sitting securely on the counter top doesn’t need my hand to catch it.  The same can be said for a person living a secure and predictable life.  If we don’t fall or jump we will never experience the safety, security, and miraculous works of His hand.

When I was in elementary school there was no greater thrill than jumping off the swings right as the swing reached its highest point.  Those few seconds of free-falling felt awesome.  At 8 years old I had no regard for how dangerous that was.  I wasn’t concerned about my landing surface.  (This was back in the day when kids were allowed to have fun at recess, playground equipment was made out of metal, and the only thing under the swing to break my fall was a worn patch of ground from years of kids dragging their feet.  Ah, the good ol’ days.)

That’s the beauty of being a child.  Children don’t get bogged down in the “what ifs.”  We adults often get paralyzed by FEAR, False Evidence Appearing Real.  Fear is the opposite of faith.  (Remember faith is the same as trust in this context.)  I’ll admit, my first time jumping off the swing was scary, but I did it anyway.  I believe it was Joyce Meyer that said “If God told you to do something and you’re scared, do it scared.” (Disclaimer: I’m not saying God told me to jump off the swing.  I’m just using this example for illustrative purposes.)  Recess after recess, i continued to jump and became less and less afraid.  That principle can be applied to our faith also. The more you step out (or jump) in faith the more fear subsides.  One day you’ll find yourself trusting God with child-like abandon knowing that His hand is positioned in your path waiting to catch you.  I haven’t reached this day myself but faith tells me that it’s coming.

Seeing my friend and me gleefully jump off the swings gave other kids the courage to try it too.  Pretty soon the swings were filled at recess and we had to move onto some other activity.  Who knows what kind of movement your stepping out on faith could cause.  You may be the encouragement someone else needs to jump in faith and land in destiny.


3 thoughts on “A Lesson in Trust: The Free-fall of Faith

  1. Good read! 1. I am telling your mom you were jumping out of swings 2. That is a great life lesson that we all need to think about and apply to our spiritual walks of life.

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  2. I love reading your blog Colette. You have always been such a risk taker and much braver than me. I admire you for that, but more importantly I admire and aspire to get that child like abandoned faith in God. I’m learning like you, slowly but surely getting there. I’m praying for you and I am so excited for the great “God things” that are going to happen for you. Love you girlie!

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